October 2015   
This Week's Events


SSP Bible Study
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
TUMC Fellowship Hall


Youth Group
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
6th Grade-12th Grade UPMC - 6:00p.m.


United Church Women
1:30 PM
Montrose Fellowship Hall
Bible Search



Trinity United Methodist Church came into being in 1941 as a result of the merger of the following local congregations:  the Methodist Episcopal south (founded 1861), the Methodist Episcopal (founded 1866) and the Presbyterian Church (founded 1867.)  The newly formed group moved into its present house of worship, the former Presbyterian Church, which was completed in 1914.   This brick structure has beautiful stained glass windows depicting old and new testament Bible stories. It has a full basement containing Sunday school rooms, rest rooms and a library.   In 1992 a new fellowship hall was added to the back of the building which also contains the church offices, kitchen and restrooms.  A new parsonage, next door to the church, was built at the same time.


Fifteen pastors have served the church since its founding.  The first was Rev. G.A. Moss who served the Methodist Church from 1935 and guided the three congregations in their plan to merge.  He continued to serve the united congregations until 1953 when he retired.  The current pastor is Robert Sefrit who began his ministry in June 2008.



Appleton City Methodist Episcopal Church Pastors
Rev. Calloway (Circuit Rider)    1866-1867
Rev. Theodore S. Benefiel (Circuit Rider)    1867-1870
Rev. Chapman (appointed but failed to appear)  1870
Rev. Johnson (stayed 3 months)    1870
Rev. N.S. Albright (stayed remainder of year)    1870
Rev. A. Anderson    1871
Rev. A Warner    1871-1872 (built church at 2nd & Locust)
Rev. E Hopkins    1872-1873
Rev. E Moffat    1873-1874
Rev. A  Anderson (returned)    1874-1877
Rev. Theodore Benefiel (returned)    1877-1879  (parsonage built on Beech & 7th)
Rev. Curtis V. Criss    1879-1881
Rev. W.V. Hammel    1881-1884 (built new church at 2nd & Locust)
Rev. C.V. Criss (returned)    1884-1887
Rev. H.M. Hockney    1887-1888
Rev. T.M. Durham    1888-1889
Rev. W.F. Jones    1889-1892
Rev. B.F. January    1892-1893
Rev. George Glens    1893-1895
Rev. Charles Burns    1895-1898
Rev. Charles Heaton    1898-1899
Rev. L.M. Thompson    1899-1904
Rev. Perry E. Pierce    1904-1908
Rev. James M. Carter    1908-1910
Rev. F.P. Lickliter    1910-1911
Rev. H.L. Glover    1911-1912
Rev. Grant G. Yeoman    1912-1914
Rev. Charles Gilbreath    1914-1917 (new parsonage built on Beech & 7th)
Rev. J.C. Duplantis    1917-1919
Rev. Thomas J. Haney    1919-1921
Rev. Charles W. Waters    1921-1922
Rev. J.J. Wolfe    1922-1925
Rev. A.L. Bay    1925-1926
Rev. G.M. Hansford    1926-1930
Rev. J.C. Lee    1930-1931
Rev. Lee R. Lemming    1931-1935
Rev. G.A. Moss    1935-1941 (continued as pastor of the newly formed Trinity Methodist until 1953 using the present Presbyterian building at 3rd and Locust)
Rev. Robert D. Brown    1953-1955
Rev. John W. Long    1955-1957
Rev. Frank Calame    1957-1962
Rev. Louis Johnson    1962-1965
Rev. Clifford Love    1965-1967
Rev. Charles Pence    1967-1976
Rev. Chester C. Garver    1976-1982
Rev. Jerry M. Moon    1982-1987
Rev. Carl L. Whitacre    1987-1994
Rev. Fred Smith    1994-1998
Rev. Jan Schnepf    1998-2001
Rev. John D. Ketcher    2001-2005
Rev. Rob Barringer    2005-2008
Rev. Robert Sefrit    2008-



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